Writing content is never easy and after some time you are looking for some tips and tricks for content writing to make your journey easy. And being a content writer myself I totally get it and that’s why I thought why not make a list of tips that may help other content writers to ease their journey.

Content Writing becomes way easier if you have a good knowledge of your niche or topic but that doesn’t mean you can’t write on new topics. You can but you just some more research to be done on that topic.

So, here is my list of top 5 tips and tricks for content writing that can help you rank better on google search results.


Headlines are the first thing that any reader will notice upon so, it becomes very necessary that you use headlines that are eye-catching and give the readers a hint about what they will learn in this topic.
One of my most recommended tools for choosing headlines and how to optimize them is Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule. This tool helps you analyze your headlines on various parameters and give you a score out of 100.
Generally, a score above 70 is considered good but I will suggest you going above 80 scores as it will help you create a more attention-seeking headline. Also, the key success to have a good headline is using the right amount of power and action words in your Headline.
Power words as the name suggest are powerful words like Wealth, Value, How to, Love, Luxury words like this create an impact on users and they want to know about it more.

Keyword Research:

I have many times highlighted the importance of Keyword research in the past, even in one of my articles on Useful tools for Content Writing, I mentioned how keyword research tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and many more play a very crucial role in your content writing journey.
It is a great quality to write content but what makes you a better writer is when you answer public queries and keyword research helps you do that, because if you are writing an article and there is no one to read in the market then the page will just end up with no views or traffic.

free keyword research tools also help you track keywords with respect to different countries around the globe for where you want to rank the article. What becomes more important that you can also track keywords on different search platforms like Bing, YouTube, and so on to see what’s trending on those platforms.

Research Around Your Topic:

No matter how expert you are in your topic, there are always some new things happening in the market. So, it becomes very important that you stay updated on the market and always do deep research on the topic for which you are going to write.
Mostly current affairs topics are seen as rapidly changing topics but other topics related to technology or even education can have significant growth over the period of time, so not remaining updated may miss out on important information.

tips and tricks for content writing

Google, is no doubt one of the best sources for your research but you can always jump to another search engines to get a broader perspective of the topic. There might be some irrelevant topics on your journey, but you need to pick the right information and make them into a helpful and insightful article.

Images and Videos:

It becomes very necessary that your topic is not only text and text. Also, with respect to that, your article should have enough white space to breathe your text. If you are thinking what are White Spaces, then let’s take an example of a blog written with valuable information but no points or paragraphs. It just looks like lines are running and never finishing and puts stress on readers’ eyes.
This thing not only decreases user experience but is also not a good SEO practice as for SEO they also want paragraphs to be short and smooth so that they can be read easily.
And about Images and Videos, it helps the reader to visualize things better. If your topic is all theoretical you can draw diagrams or flow charts related to your topic so that it can be summarized and understood easily using that images.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most of the people out there, when writing a blog or article don’t think it’s important to add those Frequently Asked Questions bar at the end of the article. But it is a very important activity as it not only increases your SEO visibility but also helps the readers clear all the necessary doubts they might have regarding that topic.
These questions can be easily found on google in the related searches so that you know what type of content is searched and requested related to your topic.

How can I improve my content writing skills?           

The simple trick to improve content writing skills is that you never skip any idea that comes into your mind and always make a daily practice to read some articles related to your topic or niche that you are working upon. Reading will also help you improve your vocab and you will know more about that topic. Also, writing social media posts that are long and engaging can help you improve your content writing skills.

What are the Types of Writing?

There are various types of writing and it totally depends upon the type of content that you are writing. Basically you can categorize writing under articles, blogs, research papers, current affairs and so on. You need to find you passion among the all and see that suits you to write better.

Is content Writing Easy?

The answer simply depends upon you, if you are person that loves to write or share stories or you were a person who used to write diary or still writes diary to express their feelings, content writing just be for you. But that does not mean content writing is an easy job, as a content writer you also need to meet deadlines and do your work on time. Also it requires intense amount of research and sometimes you just lost the track of new ideas, so you need to update yourself to new things also with time to time.

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