So, let’s make this simple before you want to know about what, why and so on questions related to SEO Content Writer. Let me tell you some facts that will make you serious about the term SEO Content Writer.

  • Google covers nearly 70% of global search traffic, and 15% of daily searches are new to Google.
  • 57% of marketing executives say on-page SEO Development was the most effective SEO tactic.
  • 36% of SEO experts believe that headline/title tag is one of an essential aspect of SEO

So, by now, you know the importance of SEO. But, then why you need to be serious about the content writer? Because ultimately, “Content is the King”, and no matter how much you optimized your page’s SEO for Google at the end, it needs to be valued and appreciated by real people first. 

That’s why I will be sharing the complete in-depth guide on Becoming an SEO Content Writer, what is SEO and Content Writing and how they interact with each other. The entire table of contents is as follow, but If you want to jump directly to the Top 5 Reasons, you need to know about an SEO Content Writer; you can jump to that too. 

What is SEO & Content Writing?

Often seen as different terms, but if you notice, you will know that they both are incomplete without the help of others. To explain it more easily, here is a pictorial representation of SEO & Content Writing, which joins together to become SEO Content Writing. 

What is the difference between SEO and content writing?

It is normal that there may be some doubts in your mind that if they are interlinked and related to each other, then what is the difference between SEO and content writing?

So, to that question, let me explain with you an example. Suppose you are running for elections and you gather all the questions and demand of people through various sources, but now you also need to create a speech to give to the public, so you write a beautiful speech targeting all the questions you searched before and win the heart of people.

If you notice, you will realize that gathering of questions can be seen as SEO, and writing beautiful speech can be termed as Content Writing and what binds both of them together is speech that answers public queries and question, and that is SEO Content Writing.

What is the role of SEO content writer?

Simple, it needs to work harder because now a single person is doing the job both SEO and content writer, but please listen to me before you get angry that your work may double. See, if an SEO just gives you the keyword and they are perfect, but you are not able to fit them as a content writer, you might have prayed that it could be easier for you to pick the correct keywords

And then write or on the other hand you just write a beautiful article, but no one reads because it does not have any audience. So, the role of an SEO content writer becomes vital as he researches properly for a topic and then writes the content that suits the given audience.

How do I become a SEO content writer?

There is always a great demand for SEO Content writer because everyone wants to see their content. So, for that, you need not basic but complete knowledge of SEO like on-page, off-page, backlinks, headline score and all because only with complete knowledge you can compete with the SEO professionals out there.

And for content writing, I know you need a beautiful imagination, but with that, you also need to have proper command over the language you will write and create your content. You need to be able to connect with the audience.

For a Starter, you always need help with SEO content writing tools, so here is a link where you can find them easily: SEO Content Writing tools And if you are looking for free-content writing tools, here you go: Free-Content Writing Tools to Help You

SEO Content Writer

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Know About an SEO Content Writer

So, by now you have realized that in this fast-evolving world, it become an important an important skill to know about SEO Content writing. Because companies are cutting costs and they need people who are multi-talented and can handle various tasks assigned to them.

To convince you more about this, I have created the list of top 5 reasons you need to know about an SEO Content Writer:

  1. Individual Growth: We all know that India is booming towards digital growth at a very fast pace and in digital growth, you will always need the help of both SEO and Content Writing.
    Also, if you are running your own blog/website then the knowledge of both these components will give you a head start among your competitors.
  2. SEO in India: People are gradually realising that SEO is a powerful tool with respect to content writing so, they are always searching like SEO India where people are looking for affordable SEO services. This skill gives you an upper hand among these searches and you can sell your services to such customers.
  3. Small Business Growth: We always see that when a small business needs to start it cannot hire various people or a big company to run their digital store and so they need people who are multi-talented and can handle various tasks assigned to them and can deliver good results.
  4. SEO Powered Content Sells: When you market yourself in the position that your blogs or website includes SEO Powered Content, it automatically generates the attention of various segments of people as they want to know how this blog can be helpful to them and how it will ease their problems in selling their products.
  5. PPC: Pay per click is an effective solution to sell your products online and when you integrate your SEO and content Skills to create ads that convert, it helps to boost your portfolio and also generates sales for your customers.

PPC is only effective when you know the right keyword to target and then you also need to know when you find the right audience that sees your ads, then you need to write beautifully so that they buy your product or services.  

So, Yes SEO Powered Content is the new term you will start to hear soon and its always good to invest in the technology or rather information which will soon get various opportunities in the coming days. I will not say you will need some months or years after learning this skill to find for a job rather on mastering this skill, you will see there is a huge demand of this skill in the market.

SEO is complicated if you don’t know it properly but when you understand it you will see that it is easy to understand and works wonder for your content.

SEO Content Writer India

How to Start SEO Business in India?

If you are thinking to start an SEO Business in India, then first of all you need to see what is the niche you are targeting, because niche has become a very crucial point for people because everyone needs an expert for their work. Then you may need to hire professionals that have good command over the various concepts of SEO like On-page, Off-page, Backlinks, Headlines, Keyword research and so on. So, that they deliver you and your client the best result.

Demand of SEO content writer in India?

So, there is a great demand of SEO Content writer in India rather people are not able to fill the respected vacancies because they don’t have the adequate the skills. You can check at sites like that daily various jobs opening is registered so you need not to worry that your skills will be used or wasted in this world.
Plus, you know about SEO and Content Writing; So why you need to worry even if you face a struggle in finding SEO Content Writer job you can easily go to SEO or content writing easily as you have the skills of both of them.

What are some SEO Content Writing Tips?

So, if you are asking about SEO Content writing tips let me clear you there are no shortcuts in this game, tips can only help you do your work faster but if you are looking for a magic wand then there are no options here.
My biggest advice is that you select your topic first and then do a proper study and research on that like doing proper keyword research, which keywords can rank, which cannot the difficulty of the keywords you chose and so on. After choosing and analysing the keywords then look for a master keyword around which your article will be and then try to use that keyword first in the title and then in the introductory paragraph.
Also, don’t try to stuff the keyword unnecessarily that it does not make any sense always try to look for an article that can be understood by humans and not for google only because you want traffic and google also supports that pages where people come and spend their time on reading those posts and content.
Also, try to add spaces in your answers and if possible, add relevant images or videos or add custom made photos that tell the user that you have put efforts into creating that article and always ask for reviews and give them a follow-up link. So, that when they read the page, they are not clueless about what to do next.  
You can send them to the desired product you want or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter as if they read your blog completely they will definitely look forward to your emails also.

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