The top blogs that rank higher on google pages are using SEO content writing tools, to manage their views, generate quality leads and convert customer before other does. So, if you are still thinking that SEO content writing tools are a waste of time you need to recalibrate your facts.

These tools won’t give you a magic spell that creates amazing SEO blogs but will definitely help you with guidance which once used is not less than any magic. When you know what answers, people are looking it becomes a way easier job to get easily noticed among the crowd of thousand articles, because then both the search engine and person knows where they can find the right answer.

These tools not only guide you but also help you track your progress and over the course of the journey and guides you with steps that can help you smoothen your content writing journey.

What is SEO Content Writing?

So, it’s general you might various questions regarding “What is SEO Content Writing?”, you know about SEO in the past and you are familiar with Content Writing also, then why to worry about this new thing called SEO Content Writing.

So, let me clear to you that Google AI is advance than ever before and tracks the movement, how a user likes to read and which pages are really trying to solve the best queries of its users.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, google has more than 200+ parameters, which help them evaluate on which page to rank higher and which to lower and if you want to succeed in the game of Google, then you need to play with their rules and their new rule. And yes, if you thought the new rule is SEO Content Writing you got that 100% correct.

So, Your Next question in mind is, Is SEO easy to learn?

There is no doubt that you need that you need to have little bit of knowledge or I say must say you need to have proper knowledge of SEO as half knowledge can be harmful for your content. According to me SEO is easy to learn, if you have the right mentor and right guidance you can ace this skill easily. You just need to find good mentors who have a good hands-on experience in this field for a while, so that you can avoid the mistakes they made as a beginner and you can scale up with your content easily.

 But when you start your journey for SEO Content Writing, you need the help of some tools to ease your journey and here comes SEO Content Writing Tools handy for you

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing Tools

So, for this you need to club both the tools of SEO and content writing tools to make the perfect recipe for your blog or articles.

Firstly, let’s broadly see the tools you need for content writing. I basically don’t feel there are many tools in this field. But the 2-3 tools which are present, you need to get the best out of them, and so here are some of my recommendations:

  1. Grammarly: This is an awesome invention for all the content writers out there, there are eventually some errors, in your writing when you are writing inflow and that’s totally right but who are we kidding, we hate when we need to look for the errors and here this tool advance AI helps us to track the various grammatical errors, we have made. Hence making our journey easy.
  2. CoSchedule: This tool will help you in the journey of writing the headlines which sell, their recent upgrade is the best present for any writer, already we just had the headline score and now with the help of SEO score, it is making the best tool out in the market. See, you noticed SEO words will now start to appear.

These 2 are just the highlights of the content writing tools, Capital My Headlines, Plagiarism Checker and many more will help you write better.

And then comes the SEO tools, under SEO tools you will find that if you chose the right keywords your post will jump in the scale of ranking among your competitors. Because you see when you search for a query on google you see About 8,980,000 results (0.47 seconds), So to rank among this high competition you need the help of Keywords.

Plus, this thing will also clear your doubt if you are thinking that “How do I write SEO rich content?”, the answer is SEO Keywords. And if by now you are changing your find or wondering, Is SEO easy to learn? Then my friend you will just love the magic and learn in one go when you know how it works.

So, how do I find SEO Keywords?

You can take the help of Google Planner or Ahrefs free keyword finder which gives you an insight about which keywords are working in the market and they help you determine how hard is for a keyword to rank in google.

But, when you look for keywords, there are so many keywords that are looking good for your article, then then question arises in your mind is,” How many keywords should I use for SEO? So, let me be clear you are first writing for a person than for google, you should use that amount of SEO which doesn’t feel like they are stuffed unnecessarily by the author.

SEO Content Writing India

SEO content writing India

So, if are thinking about the future for this field in India then be my friend and learn this concept as soon as possible simply because the world is moving towards the Digital World at a very fast pace and everyone wants to rank on google for their queries and probably google will always be there when a user needs to ask a question, So SEO Content writing in India has great potential.

SEO Content Writing Tips

 Everyone needs some tips so that when they start their journey the process could be smoother, and I totally agree with this fact. So, here are some tips on this topic. Always search for the needs of the market because it doesn’t matter how beautifully you have written if there is no market or audience to grab your content then it’s of no use and for that always try to look for proper keywords that the public searching for.

Secondly, SEO is important but don’t forget your content writing techniques for the same, because SEO might Google but for your reader, what matters is that how well you have written and conveyed your views. And if you think now Does Google use Keywords for SEO? Then, yes my friend this whole learning process of SEO is for google so that they can process your article and rank it efficiently.

You can always check Digital Selly to learn about more such important information.

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