Content is the reason search began in the first place.” By leeodden 

How to start content writing? This is one phrase that often people ask me. I believe the world we see is surrounded by content from newspapers to Instagram posts; there is some content revolving around us. So saying you produced some content at some part of your life will not be wrong, but that is just content, and when you think about content writing, it starts to make a huge difference.
So, mostly the reason you are attracted to content writing is that you love to write or express yourself or connect to people quickly. Due to this, the most common question comes: How to start content writing?

And today, you might start with your first step towards Content writing after reading this post.

How to Start Content Writing

How to Start Content Writing?

So, before we kick-start to know how to start content writing, we need to know some basics surrounded by this term, like what is content writing, what is an introduction paragraph, what is headlines, how to optimize them, etc. 

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is planning and writing the content where content can be anything ranging from needle to spaceship. The term content writing or content writer is used in various industries like newspapers, magazines and the digital sector. Content writers help to writes content that can be easily understood by the mass public and connects them with their product or services.  

How to Learn Content Writing? 

Content writing is not something you do in some fancy courses, and you become a professional content writer. You may need some guidance regarding basic vocabulary or punctuations and other standard rules, but the main thing that this industry depends on is your experience over the years. 

Here is a list of things you might find helpful in your content writing journey:

  1. Headline: Headline is one of the essential things in content writing. People spend enough time analyzing and selecting their headlines because it is pretty simple if they are not attracted to your Headline, there is no way they will read your work further. A boring headling will distract them from your work. There are many tools available today online that help you create beautiful headlines. Also, one should notice enough action words and strong words in the Headline that help your headline scores better in Google’s Algorithm. Headlines also help users understand what you are trying to speak to them, so it becomes essential that you can convey your views that you want to talk about in the Headline only. A-Pro tip, a headline that uses numbers like “Top 5 destination places to visit” or ” 3 things to avoid in your teenage” attract more users as the reader gets drawn towards the number of things he will read in your blog. 
  2. Introduction: The second most crucial thing that comes after the Headline is the introduction because the reader’s next view will be on your Headline. If the Headline is not satisfying to the consumer, then the blog for the readers end there. So, try to make your introduction crip to the point so that it connects with your audience. Always try to communicate with your audience in the introduction to know you feel their pain and understand their problem well.
  3. Adding Images: It is always an excellent option to add enough images in your blog or articles so that the reader can also view through the pictures what you are trying to say to them. There is a famous quote saying that every picture speaks itself, so you need to chose the images you select very carefully and not add any images that are not related to the topic. 
  4. Proper Details: There is no fun in your Headline, introduction paragraph and images if the content you write does not provide any valuable information to the audience. It would help if you researched adequately for the topic you are trying to write about so that it helps the readers also.
  5. Call-To-Action: This is very important. The writer should always tell the readers what to do at the end of the blog when they are finished writing. It does not need to be a form. It can be anything like asking them to share their views in the comments or like their post, or share with your friends. You can also ask them to view your other work by sharing the links.

    Also, I have discussed some tools that can be helpful in the content writing journey: Free Content Writing Tools That Help to Get Desired Results
How to Learn Content Writing?

What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing is a term formed with the combination of both SEO and Content writing, SEO content writer does the work of both SEO as well as content writer. I believe doing this give the writer independence on which keywords to chose and target and also optimize the content easily as required for SEO. I have mentioned the Top 5 Reasons You Need to Know About an SEO Content Writer which can give you more detail about this topic.

Content Writing Jobs Online

There are number of websites that list the need to of content writers every day, if you have the talent of a content writer then you can easily get a job online and start to work as a content writer. But you should also keep in mind that you need to build a proper portfolio before you grab your first project. This can include writing on various topics and posting them on your blog or any free websites like medium where your content can be posted and hiring panel can access them easily. Also, in the starting you can join various Facebook groups related to freelancing and connect with the people who are looking forward to work with you.

content writing jobs online

LinkedIn is also such platform where recruiters are actively present, so you can post daily about your content writing skills so that you can grab people’s attention. It would be more helpful if you target a proper niche so that it increases your credibility for that niche and people can trust you with that topic. Further, you can look for internships options in the starting to get some experience in the cooperate world, so that you can be ready when you get the job with the environment working in the cooperate.

I have also made a blog on How to Get Desired Results Using SEO Content Writing Tools, you can read this to know more about the tools which can be used for a professional SEO content writing.  

What skills should a content writer have?

A content writer needs to have proper knowledge of vocab and is good with communication with people, he also need to have proper skills on which topic to write and when to write. He should be attached to the audience and truthful in sharing his/her views. Content writer should also be aware of the current affairs so that he can add them in his writing, so that it can be connected with the audience more properly.

Is Content Writing in demand?

Content writing has always been in demand and will be in demand always, if you have talent in yourself to produce the best content for your audience, then you will never run out of work. Content writing helps people connect with different brands and services and brands and services launch everyday, so thinking it will run out of demand is just a wrong saying. Maybe your completion does not want you to enter in this market, that’s why he may be adding rumors like “Content writing is no longer in demand”. You can always get an edge over your completion by being a SEO Powered Content writer, this way the company does not need to hire 2 people for different jobs. Maybe your work increase but you will be a valuable asset to the company.

Is content writing a good career?

If I try to count the number of positive points of being a good career, then your fingers may run out. To start it is a job which can easily be done by working on your laptop and you don’t need to visit any offices daily. This also means that you can work from anywhere in the world, due to this reason only many influencers have who turned into a writing professions travel around the world without the worry to report to any office.
Also, in content writing when you get some experience you can become full time freelancer and be your onw boss but remember this comes with lots of hard work and dedication.
Also, content writing has its own perks like you can speak freely on any topic you want by being a ghost writer, suppose you want o hide your identify but still want to express your views this can help you. Or you don’t want to show your face or video on any platform then also you can write freely without tension and express your views.
Content writing in the starting may not be so highly paying but as you spend time, this field can be termed as one of the highest paying jobs also.

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