Free Content Writing Tools

Did you also thought that you need to spend 1000s of bucks to buy content writing tools to start your online writing journey? If, yes then I am sorry to say but you are wrong because there are number of powerful free content writing tools waiting to be discovered and used by you.

When I started my content journey, I faced the same dilemma but, on my journey, I realized there are plenty of free tools in the market to help newbies.

And if you think about the benefits that you will get using free content writing tools, then you will be shocked to your core that even these free tools can make a big difference in your content formation.

Are Free Content Writing Tools Worth the Hype?

By now you might be thinking, I might be stressing too much on the free word for content writing tools and you might be thinking, nothing in this world comes for free. And you are totally right, nothing in this world comes for free and companies also need to generate revenue for themselves.

But you also need to understand that as newbie companies have some limited options software for you that provide enough options for content writing tools that will solve your purpose that you want to achieve at the starting of your writing journey.

Online Content Writing tools

The industry is filled with the demand for content writers, and so does the demand for online content writing tools rises. There are various online content writing tools available, you just need to google and the list will be present for you but as a fresher, you need to realize not everything free is gold out there. Hence, choosing the right tools becomes necessary for a smoother journey.

Free Content Writing Tools

You have been eagerly waiting for this list of tools, as I also understand this feeling as I also was a fresher at some point of my life and know the importance of such tools that can make a huge impact over the writing expertise as you grow in this market.

So, as promised here is my list of top free content writing tools to help you succeed in the market.

  1. CoSchedule: Writing the headline is the first task you need to start when you start writing your blog or article, and this is the point this tool will come in handy in your journey, as this free tool helps you analyse the various aspects you need to keep in mind while writing the headline.

    This tool also helps you understand the power words, action words, length of the article, and many more points critical in writing good headlines. Free Content Writing Tools
  2. Title Case: As a newbie, it becomes a tough task to know which letters to capital and which not as this tool will automatically capital the headline, and you need to copy them and paste. Headlines are an essential aspect of writing. Hence, it becomes essential that you take special care of your headline, and there in long articles, there will be no. of headlines, so it becomes more important to use this tool carefully.
  3. Ahrefs: Ahrefs will be a blessing for you as it will help you find the questions people are looking for there in the market and so makes the work easy for you. You need to know your topic and type the various keywords you can think of. As a newbie, it will also help you look for various difficulties option, and it can also help you rank much, much better.
  4. Grammarly: As a writer for a long time, I know that it is a tough task to keep a check on your vocabulary while you are typing because what I believe is that when a writer starts to pen down his/her thoughts, he does not want any break between those thoughts and does not need to worry about the small errors he is creating in a hurry and here this tool comes in handy. There is a premium version also available for this tool, but when you are starting your journey, even the free version will solve most of your errors, and you will be thankful to God that you find out such blissful software.
  5. Calmly Writer: Do you miss the feeling of writing on plain paper? I know notepad is plain paper to write on windows, but what if I told you that even on google chrome in the middle of multiple tags, I could provide you with a calm space to type your thoughts without any menu? Bold, Italic or Underline and just your thoughts. Then it would help if you tried this beautiful interface of Calmly writer. As the name suggests, it’s a simple space to pen down thoughts without any distractions.
  6. StayFocusd: There are several distractions online trying to ruin your peace of mind, and sometimes, when you have wasted hours of your precious time and then realise your mistake, it is very hard, and as a writer, you may need to browse and watch lots of content to do proper research and thinking but sometimes we think of having a break, and the break goes for a long time, and it gets difficult to keep notice of the time, and such time this app will come in handy providing your updates when you are spending to much time on sites that you have added to the list so that you get a reminder that you need to go to work again.
  7. The Most Dangerous Writing App: Now, I seriously don’t know why this app was created for content writers. This is an app, I think, for those people who are in a hurry to write or keep on processing their work. This app is made so that when you stop writing for a given duration, your previous written work starts to get erased. I know that’s crazy, but some people this kind of tough tools to get them out of their comfort zone and start writing. Also, I believe sometimes you need to pen down your words without thinking and see at the end what you achieved. You never know your subconscious mind may write something wonderful.
  8. Ilys: I really consider this tool very helpful for those who are starting to write, because there are no. of things that you need to keep in mind while writing like word limit and many more things and this site will help you in all of them.
  9. Otranscribe: You know when you have written enough articles, then at some point, you need also to add audio files and features a word processor here. You can also look for this site as your rescue.
  10. ProWritingAid: Like I mentioned Grammarly, which will help you with error rectification, but you will notice that you are being stopped for its few features due to its paid features, and it really gets very annoying; this app will get you some more excuse that for free so that no one can stop you write and check your errors yourself.
  11. Grammar Girl: So, you are also in doubt where to put semi-colon or use which signs. It really is a hard job. First, you write, then you also need to check for so many errors, but with Grammar Girl, you don’t need to worry about all this ever again because this will solve all your doubts.
  12. . Hemingway Editor: So, by now, I may have told you various tools and so this is my last suggestion because this free tool will help you line by line grammar errors. So, that no error is left out.

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Que: Which app is best for content writing?
Ans: The best app for content writing cannot be one as there are many, so that it could be Grammarly tool and capital headline and so on.

Que: How do I start content writing?
Ans: You just need to be content-oriented and solve people queries and start making a habit of solving people queries and doubts, you are good to go.

Que: Is Content Writing in demand?
Ans: Content Writing is always in demand and will be in demand as the world always need more and more content.

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